Holistic Strategies for Your Health and Wholeness

Balancing body, soul and spirit

Integrating body, soul, and spirit with alternative therapies, to assist you in finding balance in your life by reducing stress naturally.

Reconnecting to your health and well being through cutting-edge technologies such as the following modalities.

Holistic Strategies to Combat Mental and Emotional Stress

Mind/Body Protocol

Mind/Body Protocol

This specialized therapy focuses on clearing traumas stored in the body. Sharon Worrell is a Certified Master’s Trained Splankna Practitioner. This is primarily a Christian protocol that has Christian prayer as the basis.

Perception Reframing

Perception Reframing

Bio-Feedback for the emotions. using EVOX technology. Change the way you perceive certain issues in your life (perceptions)by “reframing” or altering your perspectives and move through negative emotions that have caused you to be stuck

PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy

PEMF (Pulse ElectroMagnetic Field) Therapy Used to heal bone fractures, treat psychological disorders like depression, reduce swelling and pain, promote blood circulation, and stimulate the immune system. FDA-registered.

Strategies for Healing has been a Godsend for me!  Sharon Worrell operates with the utmost integrity and are committed to the wellbeing of their clients.  I believe that this couple cares about every aspect of my healing—physical, emotional and spiritual.  

“Sharon’s counseling has brought a peace of mind to me that I have not felt for years.  I would highly recommend you contact Strategies for Healing.”  B.A.

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Know your progress with test results utilizing our HeartQuest Variable Heart Monitor. 

The Advanced Heart Rate Variability System is one of the easiest, quickest, and most reliable ways to visually show how deep your therapy goes and how far its effects reach in the body.

From the autonomic nervous system to psycho-emotional health, from the neuro-hormonal system to biorhythms. The Advanced Heart Rate Variability System puts unparalleled levels of health information at your fingertips.  Continue reading …

We help you to reconnect, which has disconnected in your life, body, soul, and spirit so that you can live a healthier and more fulfilled life while enjoying healthier relationships and peace of mind.

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You may be wondering what that means exactly. Bringing balance to your life is all about addressing every facet of the journey. If you come in searching for emotional assistance with counseling…we may ask questions about your sleep patterns, your stress levels, or your support system, etc. For example, if you aren’t sleeping, that tells us that your adrenals are not recouping since it takes five uninterrupted hours of sleep for your adrenals to recoup. To help you, the issues of not sleeping and the status of your adrenals are going to have to be addressed for you to receive help emotionally.

The same is true if you are seeking help to reduce stress but your spiritual life is chaotic. Fears and anger may be tormenting you…perhaps you are angry with God due to an event of the past. Forgiveness may necessarily need to be addressed to actually get to the root of that stress.

We are firm believers that what is going in the body has roots in the emotional and the spiritual. By integrating the emotional, the spiritual and the body—you get the best results. At Strategies for Healing, you will get better outcomes by addressing the integrated aspects of the whole person.

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